About Amy Armstrong

Dairyman's Daughter


Gizmo's story is loosely based on portions of Amy's youthful years growing up on Long Lane Dairy in Everson, Washington. It was a beautiful place nestled below the Cascade Mountains with a tremendous view of Mt. Baker. Gizmo was a real cow that was born and raised on the farm and one of Amy's bovine pets.

Amy as a Writer


As a young girl, Amy was often found up in the hayloft writing stories. After college, she pursued a career in journalism earning her degree in Communications from Washington State University. From there, she worked in community journalism for more than two decades earning numerous professional awards while telling the stories of those in her community. 

Amy the Author


Today, she launches a new venture in children's books - a dream she has cherished for years. What better place to start than with the dairy cows that filled her childhood and teen years. "A New Farm" is the first of a planned series detailing the adventures of Gizmo the Goofy Cow. Join Amy and Gizmo as the story unfolds.